Marvelous Mysteries of California’s Oak Woodlands – An Interview with Kate Marianchild
If you think you already know everything worth knowing about Oak Titmice, Acorn Woodpeckers, or Western Bluebirds, you might be in for a BIG surprise. Do you know which birds imitate the sounds of dangerous animals? Whose winter social structure depends on oak mistletoe? Have you heard which bird eats poison oak berries and seeds for seven months of the year––the same species that collects spider webs with its tail? If you would like to know more about the marvelous behaviors of bird species found in California’s most diverse terrestrial ecosystem, you will love Saturday night’s talk at the Monterey Bay Birding Festival. Download the article to read more.

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2016 Monterey Bay Birding Festival Photography Workshops: What Sets Them Apart
Nature photography is growing in popularity for both the hobbyist and professional photographer so for 2016 we’re hosting six unique workshops to help individuals at all levels improve their photography skills. With the help of our talented workshop leaders, we’ve put together a comprehensive document that not only describes each workshop, but is also intended to help you decide which ones will best serve your current needs and are right for you. Examples of each workshop leader’s photos and their bios are included. Download the article to read more.

2016 MBBF Photography Workshops (704.6 KiB)


Birds and the Tuscan Tickle Delight the Senses at the 2016 Monterey Bay Birding Festival

For the first time, our community will have an opportunity to combine bird watching and award-winning olive oil tasting during the Twelfth Annual Monterey Bay Birding Festival taking place from September 23rd through 25th, 2016, when grower Roger Wolfe hosts a unique birding & tasting event at the Dos Aguilas estate. The “Olive Grove Birding and Ecoagritourism” tour highlights Roger’s passion for growing the finest olives while implementing organic agricultural practices that protect the environment and birds. "Read More ..."


Find Your Inner Birder – an Interview with Alvaro Jaramillo
By Debbie Diersch, Monterey Bay Birding Festival, March 2016

The Monterey Bay Birding Festival Association is excited to announce that we are hosting three wonderful events with Alvaro Jaramillo at the 2016 birding festival! Alvaro writes the "Identify Yourself" feature article for Bird Watcher’s Digest, wrote American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of California, which was published last fall by the American Birding Association, and owns Alvaro’s Adventures, which operates international birding tours. "Read More ..."

The Eagles are Back

By Jeanne Byrne, High Ground Organics

Bald eagles nearly disappeared in California by the 1960’s due to the effects of the pesticide DDT.  Efforts starting in the 1980s to restore the population throughout California have slowly paid off, with the first pair seen nesting in Santa Cruz County at Pinto Lake in Watsonville in 2012.  Then in 2014, they came to Harkins Slough and successfully raised and fledged one chick. In 2015 they were back to the same nest and raised two chicks to adulthood. The story continues to unfold. "Read More ..."

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