The Monterey Bay Birding Festival Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization managed by a passionate group of volunteers to raise awareness of the value and importance of birding and wildlife in Santa Cruz County, the Monterey Bay region and California.

The purpose of this organization is to convene an annual Monterey Bay Birding Festival and
promote the following goals within that festival:

  1.  Increase public knowledge and interest in birding;
  2.  Promote local ecotourism and
  3.  Promote the conservation of natural resources, with an emphasis on issues affecting
          local native bird species and their habitats.

Board of Directors
Jeff Manker, President
Sonia Deetz, Vice President
Dave Feliz, Secretary
Jackie Aluffi, Interim Treasurer
Dobie Jenkins
Doug Mattos

The Monterey Bay Birding Festival is committed to ethical birdwatching behavior by adopting and adhering to the American Birding Association’s Code of Ethics. We publish the code of ethics to field trip leaders and attendees to provide guidance on how birders can achieve safe and gratifying birdwatching experiences without altering the ability of birds to behave naturally.  As a result we were the recipient of a 2015 Mindful Birding Award for our efforts to promote ethical birding guidelines and bird conservation. To learn more about Mindful Birding and to download the full code of birding ethics visit www.mindfulbirding.org.

Download the award certificate by clicking on the file link below.

Notice Of Award – Monterey Bay Birding Festival (49.7 KiB)


As a volunteer-managed organization, we invite you to consider joining us as a volunteer.  You will not only find enriching opportunities for yourself, but will also be serving our community.  Please send us an email at montereybaybirdingfestival@gmail.com if you would like to join our cadre of wonderful volunteers or would like more information about the festival.